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C-Zero selected for Snam's HyAccelerator Program

June 2024

C-Zero is proud to be one of five winning startups for the third edition of HyAccelerator, a global corporate accelerator focused on hydrogen and decarbonization technology run by Snam S.p.A.. As the largest natural gas pipeline operator in Italy, Snam is focused on exploring cutting-edge technologies that can help drive the hydrogen market towards a sustainable future. The accelerator program works within the hydrogen value chain to find the most promising solutions that can help Snam meet ambitious decarbonization goals.

Through the program Snam will develop a use case of C-Zero’s technology utilizing Snam’s assets. The company is interested in any technology that can lead to the development of efficient and carbon-free hydrogen production, such as methane pyrolysis. C-Zero is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our low-cost, low-emission hydrogen production technology to industry leaders and investors.

Learn more about the HyAccelerator program below!


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