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C-Zero featured in Ansys article, "The Future of Energy Looks Turquoise"

September 2023

Susan Coleman

C-Zero was featured in the Ansys energy blog discussing our company's progress and turquoise hydrogen's benefits compared to other "colors" of hydrogen. As C-Zero's Technical Director of R&D, Sam Shaner notes, "The color is based not on its physical appearance, but on its place on the spectrum between traditional hydrogen delivery processes (gray), traditional hydrogen delivery processes with carbon capture (blue), and renewable-energy-based hydrogen production (green)." C-Zero’s methane pyrolysis process has two outcomes: pure hydrogen gas and high-density solid carbon that can be sequestered or used in a variety of industrial applications. According to Shaner, methane pyrolysis consumes seven times less energy than electrolysis — making turquoise hydrogen the clear winner over blue and green alternatives.

C-Zero relies on engineering simulation to optimize its innovative process for producing hydrogen by splitting methane and is grateful for the chance to utilize Ansys capabilities through the Ansys Startup Program.

Read the article, The Future of Energy Looks Turquoise, here.


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